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Who You Were In A Past Life, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Now you have your chance. Talk, write, lecture, learn, examine. You can be objective and learn for learning sake.

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Fears and distorted reality is often something that is brought forward from a Gemini dominated life. Feelings and duty run deep but there is always a desire to be free. You might be coming from a life of a glib talker, a persuader, a salesman, orator, or writer.

You are ready to pay more attention to emotions and to your inner life now. Emotional attachments must be learned.

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Karma paid to people in your present family is likely going to be in the forefront of your life. A past life of Cancer domination sometimes makes it difficult to feel fulfilled or feel fully loved unless there is a constant reminder that you are not alone. Cancer energy is singular; Leo is social. There may be conflict there and a karma with abandonment might be present. If you paid your karma and balanced the wheel, you are free now to pay attention to yourself again. Bask in the warmth of admiration, show the world your beauty and worth. You earned it, you deserve it. There might be an underlying loneliness or question about why you are doing so much and not getting what you think is fair in return.

Often there is a karma about giving back to those who sacrificed for you in the past life. You might have ignored people who cared about you or took care of you when you were in a Leo dominated life. Now is the time for bucking down and taking care of responsibilities. You might have an underlying guilt that drives you to give to others.

But, whatever you do, you will have a plan and stick to it. You might have had a life where you were not appreciated and so now you are trying to balance out the karma of trying too hard to please others or of being in situations that were vastly unfair. The karma could include a fear or avoidance of extremes that come from a past life. If you went overboard in the Virgo dominated life, you might find yourself facing a difficult time balancing your life.

Decisions about the issues of giving and receiving might cause emotional conflict.

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You could be trying to be organized in your life a past life habit. You might have had a life where you needed to conform and anything outside of the accepted norm was punished. You might have been in the legal profession and obsessed with justice. Now you want to live for you and help others on your terms.

To Hell with living life in balance, you are ready to dig deep into the mysteries of life and could end up in extreme situations. Because you lived your life by trying to make everything balance, now you are ready for a little positive selfishness. The lessons learned in the past life transform into philosophy and sharing of knowledge and wisdom instead of keeping it for yourself alone. This is a time for serious consideration about letting go of karma that was accrued as the Sagittarius dominated life.

Perhaps you were a person that shrugged off responsibility in order to live life as you wanted. You might have accrued some karma from others who felt ignored or abandoned. Or, perhaps you had everything and never learned the value of work and hardship. Now is the time that these considerations will come back to you for resolution and balance. Nothing conventional or traditional will do, you have to be different. Your individuality is painted on you like a sign. You cannot hide it, even when you try. You are moving out of a life that dictated conventionality, rules, and boundaries.

You are ready to give back to the world and fly free. This is a time of wanting to settle things, tie up the loose ends, overcome inconsistency, be responsible. You sense that there is a new beginning on the horizon and want to be ready. You are ready to be with others and connect on a heart level. You are ready for the spiritual experience. If you are not up to the challenge though, you could find yourself caught in substance abuse that gives false experiences of the expanded mind.

And so it goes, around and around, in an ascending spiral of complexity until we have come the the wholeness that includes all the Zodiac signs in a harmonious way. We both embrace and live outside of our horoscope. Until then, we are on the wheel of birth and rebirth, learning and growing as we go.

If you want to learn more about astrology or have you charts done, go to astrologycourse. October 1, at pm. Or does it mean one will in this life be abandoned by someone or they will abandon someone? March 9, at pm. Generally this means that one had experienced abandonment in the past and now may be carrying around a fear of it. It could also mean that the person was abandoned and is not working out karma balancing with the abandoner or the other way around — abandoned someone else and is working out karma balancing with the person they abandoned.

Kamaria said:.

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Or karmic reasons for situations? I also use Intercepted signs, Neptune, and Pluto. Whatever you were, it is obvious money was of utmost importance in your life; either an overabundance or the lack of it. Consultations by email MP3 voice recording. There may be tough times, times when nothing seems to work out right, but keep going strong and you will definitely come out successful. Card Readings. Learn how to avoid the bad effects of past lives and overcome obstacles with this free past life reading!

March 9, at am. March 26, at am. March 26, at pm. To create a past life horoscope, the whole chart has to be looked at differently than with a birth chart. Saturn retrograde in you first house 2nd house in a past life chart would indicate possible troubles security or money in a past life. It being retrograde shows a strong lesson to be learned in this one. Retrogrades are often soul agreements with ourself to put on blocks or hindrances in the present life to make it a challenge to repeat past mistakes. I have a lot of retrogrades, too. The perfect pentagram in an astrology chart is read differently from the pentagram in Wicca or Pagan traditions.

I would have to see you chart to determine, but it is possible that you have grand trines that oppose each other. This could mean that you have a special job to do in this life that involves more than just personal growth. March 30, at am.

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August 28, at pm. Glad you enjoyed the information. FYI, most astrology charts look like messy spider webs.

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We are a complex species. I am so grateful that I studied astrology. It has helped me understand myself and others in a way that no amount of college Psych training ever did. Boryan Petkov said:. May 4, at pm. Hi I have Libra ascendent and Libra on my 12th house cuspide. Virgo moon in 11 th house and retrograde chiron in taurus-8 th house. South node in capricorn 3th house in conjunct with mars and lilith. WhiteBut said:. July 17, at pm. You will need to make your payment via the shop with your payment securely made through the online processor PayPal or via bank transfer takes several bank working days for funds to be received or with a cash payment at a Halifax branch.

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