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Pisces doesn't define things based on logic.

Instead, Pisces feels things on an intuitive level, meaning this full moon is a beautiful time to let go of everything you thought you knew and embrace the idea that things are far stranger than they may seem. There may be spooky revelations arising, if you can find the time to listen to your inner voice. Your psychic senses are tingling, so if your gut is telling you something, take it seriously.

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You're understanding which pack of wolves to run with. However, don't be afraid of running on your own if there's no one worthy to run alongside. It's better to be alone than to feel lonely with others. The whole world is beholding your power, so don't you dare suppress it. Even if people have told you your power is evil or something to be ashamed of, be brave enough to ignore them.

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It's time to let go of your inhibitions and fly away. Let go of your fear and trust there are no coincidences.

If a spontaneous adventure lands at your feet, it's there for you to take it. You're facing your darkness, but you're rising from the ashes like a phoenix.

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If it feels as though your entire world is currently being destroyed, try not to take it to heart — because something better is coming. The Feb 15 Solar Eclipse switches sides and falls in your mystic zone. The universe is speaking loudly and you are divinely inspired. This area of your chart is also one of hidden enemies so there is the possibility of psychic attack, which could show as psychosomatic illness.

This Solar Eclipse is just shining a light on great big chinks in your psychic armour, that are in need of fortification. Ceres spends an extra long time Until Jun 27 in your health house because of its retrograde in Leo. Ceres healing work here will just support the work of the eclipses. The c onnection between mind and body is paramount now. Dis-ease of the mind manifests in the body. Before it gets a chance to get a grip, counselling may be the best recommendation, as well as giving up bad habits and addictions. Innocent Persephone could manifest as one being seduced into a sadomasochistic relationship that involves role-playing and bondage.

This can be figuratively or literally depending on your own proclivity! Saturn continues through your hopes and dreams zone. During this time you will also find out whether your career goals have been realistic or not, sometimes this time can be one of disappointment where you see you friends ascend or promoted while you are left behind.

If that is the case, all ideas and plans will be aborted. We tend to perfect 11 th house visions on our second cycle here, rather than the first. Saturn has a 29 cycle around the chart. What you will at least come out with is valuable advice from the peers who did succeed. Jupiter loves travelling through your expansive house of far-away places. There is serenity in feeling that there could be a higher power taking care of things. Events that occur at this time seem to have a special, destined feel about them and result from being able to tap into a universal intelligence.

When we have that sense of the architect in the sky, there is less pressure that we have to work everything out ourselves. So after the intense soul-searching of Jupiter in heavy house 8, you are ready to emerge into this carefree, experimental phase. New friends made at this time could all carry Lilith themes. Too poor, rich, religious, bohemian or traditional etc.. The lowest manifestation would be befriending an addict, hoping to rescue them, but then getting pulled into the drugs yourself. Sometimes this can feel like you have joined some sort of cult!

You will tend to feel pretty uncomfortable with regular society, once you know too much! The Jul 13 Solar Eclipse falls in your fun house. Yes, this can be a blinding eclipse and a half, but you will get more love juice if it falls in close aspect to the ruler of House 5 or to a personal planet located therein. One minute they are adorable, the next possessed by brat demons.

This includes teenagers… Children can become very demanding of your attention, just when you are least in the mood to be a responsible adult. The Jul 27 Lunar Eclipse in your 12 th house puts the spotlight on what you take into your body as a result of your work timetable, Ie: too many coffees, sitting, cigarettes from stress etc etc. You may get a shock from the weighing scales, or a wake up call running out of breath for the bus. This prompts you to take action and change your bad habits for the better.

The more you see how fake some of the world is, the more you might feel at odds with your work environment. There is more focus in the enigmatic 12 th house where the Mars Retrograde falls from Jun 27 to Aug It will revise and reheat all the themes brought up by the Lunar eclipse.

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There is a weird place for Mars to hang out. Any trumpets of fire will come out as bubbles, but those dragon wings can learn to swim pretty fast! This is a floaty, mystical time and one where you might find out what spiritual values are worth fighting for. Mars retrograde in the Neptunian 12 th house has a Joan of Arc type of energy and is a spiritual warrior. This is the area of the chart where some self-flagellation happens to some extent in order to gain enlightenment.


Instead Mars will bring challenges into your life, most usually loss of some kind, where you will have to painfully let go of something you have become addicted to. The Aug 11 Solar Eclipse flips the above energy in the opposite direction with the hands-on healing of the 6 th house. Dis-ease is exactly what the word says. It arises because your body is unhappy with what you are throwing at it.

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Your Pisces May Monthly Horoscope looks at the planets through the houses of your Pisces horoscope in May. Your Pisces predictions. Your full Pisces horoscope reveals so much focus on your friends and hopes for the future. should be the one where everything.

However, after this period of adjustment, you should feel more integrated with your surroundings and back to better health as a result. A short illness can be a blessing, serving the purpose of shaking you out of a routine, that was in fact stagnating you.

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Mars Retrograde backs into your hopes and dreams zone from Aug 13 and goes direct on Aug Y ou will place a great amount of energy into wishful thinking. It will give you the chance to dream up a new social network filled with people who more closely align with your interests. Meeting a long-lost love in a faraway land is the most fairytale manifestation of Venus retrograde in your travel zone from Oct 6.

Most of all, this transit can transport you back into ancient times, but whether you meet a tall, dark handsome foreigner is debatable… You will feel however will be a strong pull towards places where you might have had a romantic connection in the past. You could even stumble across an exotic old flame if other astrological factors support this. Less fantastical options would be taking a trip with a suitcase full of crayons. A drawing holiday to a past life location would be greatly inspiring, you might even find you draw out and remember your olden day persona.

This is one of the easier Venus retrogrades, for it brings a reconnection with ancient wisdom that is sometimes felt very acutely through the land itself. Therefore going to a place that has many sacred sites is a fantastic use of this energy, as is going to any group spiritual retreat. Rewriting material for publishing is also a good move, as is going back to study in higher education as an adult.

During this time you might feel drawn towards, art, music or styles that reconnect you to places you have visited in the past. During the first half of this period from until Oct 26 , Venus is in her more harmonious Hesperus phase which makes travel pleasant and easy-going. Venus turns direct on Nov Ceres moves in to help fellow goddess out in your higher wisdom house from Nov 11 to Dec You could come into contact with an influential teacher in the form of a healer, astrologer or seer at this time.

Even if you have been in a steady job all sorts of unexpected expenses have cropped up but that is all about to end. It is by far more fun to have Uranus throwing his thunderbolts in your learning zone as here you will come up with so many bright ideas. This is a great year for inspiration and invention, so make sure you have the opportunity to put your thoughts out into the world and where they will be appreciated.

Saturn continues in your friends and wishes zone. This period of your life is rich opportunities to come together with like-minded people and to work as a team.

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You have learned to shine as an individual, so now it is time to bring your expertise into group situations. It might be quite a challenge at times because you are still riding on the laurels of your individual successes.

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Still, you have the chance to take your biggest dreams to the next level, and this will get easier as time progresses. On May 20 and Jun 23 Saturn is conjunct the south node which could revive an old friendship. This also could bring a karmic tie back so that you can break the cord for good and bring closure to an element of the connection… Your Pisces Horoscope continues in eBook. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Search for:.