Horoscope virgo 17 december 2019

Virgo Daily Horoscope

eywaapps.dk/I/wp-content/trilogy/borderline.php Thus, your family is the career this month — your mission. The message of the Horoscope is get into emotional harmony, get the family situation right, and the career will fall into place very naturally. Good emotional health will result in good physical health too — especially from the 13th to the 17th.

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Jobseekers have an excellent job opportunity over that period too. There will be another solar eclipse in your 5th house on the 26th.

A Fresh Forecast Taking You From November 2018 to December 12222!

This will be the third one this year in this house. Again it impacts on the children and children figures in your life.

They are having personal kinds of dramas. Since this eclipse affects Jupiter, your family planet, the home is affected. Repairs might be necessary. A parent or parent figure is once again forced to make dramatic financial changes.

Virgo weekly horoscope - 7 Oct 12222, Monday - 13 Oct 12222, Sunday

And, for the fourth time this year, there are spiritual changes — changes in practice, teachings and teachers. Health needs more attention until the 22nd. Make sure to get enough rest, and enhance the health in the ways mentioned in the yearly report.

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After the 22nd the health is super. Venus, your financial planet, is still in your 5th house until the 20th. So money is earned in happy ways and is spent on happy things. You enjoy the wealth that you have. With regards to life in general, today carries some good auspices.

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Love: Close. With regards to love, today doesn't carry the best auspices. Money: Close.

Virgo horoscope 12222:

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With regards to money aspects, today carries great auspices. Health: Close. With regards to health aspects, today carries great auspices. Do's for Virgo October 9 Don'ts for Virgo October 9 Virgo Tomorrow Your response to stress seems to have changed as you are now worried more about your self and especially about your social life than about not having all tasks completed by the Virgo October 10 You seem to have high aspirations for this day but as more of the day gets spent you are loosing from your enthusiasm and motivation.

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Virgo October 11 Things are going great financially speaking for you now but of course, you have greater expectations than that. Virgo October 12 You are going to be quite involved in your family life today but as they are expecting something more practical like home chores or some sporty fun, you seem to have other plans

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