Cosmopolitan horoscope week of october 29

Your Horoscope for the Week of October 29

enter With SPF 30 and anti-oxidants, its your invisible defense against environmental damage from UV rays and pollution. In shades for all skintones. Visible results without a coated feel. Now What? How she does it Kates own 76 Sex Secrets! Toys that hit the spot, 4 hidden moan zones, and hot solo-sex tricks. New brushed metal nish gleams with sophistication. Now mattes ignite. Necklace,Tara Hirshberg. Earrings, Tacori. Rings, Jessica Biales. Fashion director: Aya Kanai. Production: First Shot Productions.

Photographed by Max Abadian. Wellness for the Win! Because its our first-ever Wellness Issue, and Im more than a little obsessed with the subject. Clearly, Im not alone. I mean that literally too! But truly taking care of yourself has On page , theres hot advice nothing to do with following a fad.

After all, some moneybut it pays you back sexual health is an important part with interest! Before Cosmo, I spent many And heres the really cool thing: years as a health editor. Not only Unlike your parents and grandpar- does my experience inform my per- ents who viewed health practicesif sonal choices, it also gives me the they had anyas a way to avoid bad cred to drop some knowledge on you!

By Weve packed these pages with info taking great care of yourself, youll about how to nurture your mind, Editing, be able to harness the inevitable body, and soul because they all work powered by increase in energy and confidence as a squad to contribute to your avo toast to fuel success in all areas of your well-being. We arent isolated body lifework, relationships, school, partswere one awesome, compli- whatever.

With wellness as your cated, interconnected system. If you Inside, youll find tips on fitness, need me, nutrition, skin care, stress relief, Ill be in and more. Plus, in the spirit of bal- here. Although I personally believe in the power of mindful- nessIm trained in a method called Transcendental Meditationwhen. Glow creator. Spot corrector. Improve skins luminosity instantly and over time. Wear it every day and over time bare skin glows on its own, thanks to vitamin C.

Allergy Tested. One to a client, please. While supplies last. Bennack, Jr. Maurer, Mark F. Clair Bodden. I highly recommend to anyone WHO listens! THE Micellar water completely cleans my skin and removes my makeup. Discover the. It easily removes makeup and dirt without harsh rubbing, leaving skin clean and refreshed. Users cant say enough about it! BEST theperfectv. Ozs simple guide shows you how to eat your way to happy. TRL The s are back, baby!

She also addresses the question on mil- The stand-up come- lions of minds: Where do we go from here? Roger Ailes. Her courage in the face 2. Knowles is hella bara Pierce Bush obsession-worthy. The former first daughters who 3. Inhale research through your nose for four shows the counts, then scent can help exhale through you unwind.

Repeat for six counts, then eight. GIVE angst.

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Passing on a Younger. The prod- to ease mental strain while ucts work to reverse awake, sip teas made with signs of dehydration. The motion can send a calming signal to your brain, says stress-relief expert Jessica Ortner. In other words, see how someone have more fun and reacts when things let things go. Its arent going great okay to be a little when they get fired or selfishyou have to a friend betrays them find the line between or theyre mad at you.

Its so interesting to dont want to hurt see peoples game. Its hard Seriously, Ive seen to be up-front, but its Do you come here definitely the best often? But you also learn things. Like, dudes, just because a woman is out with her friends at a bar does not mean that she wants you to talk to her! I have a blog, and when I shoot content, I take photos of more than one look at a time, which some- times means changing in the car.

One time, after making sure no one was around, I began to take off all my clothes. Turns out, there were men on the roof of a building nearby doing construc- tion. They caught the whole show. My cars windows arent tinted, so I had nowhere to hide! Then he remembered he had an meet a guy I appointment at his car dealership, and he really liked for a was late. He turned around and sped there. I date, when out had makeup smeared all over my face and of nowhere, I was still in my clothes from the night before started feeling a minidress and five-inch heels. He told me to take off my heels because it would look sick and needed less like a walk of shame.

So I put my shoes in to throw up. Since I didnt The manager came over and said, Looks like want the driver to you two had a late night. I was so liked in high school, but kick me out on I didnt think anybody the street, I embarrassed. We decided it would had math class together, be a good idea and one day, he was out. For some reason, one of to puke in my my classmates decided purse. When he to tease me about it. He dropped me at said to the teacher, I know who Brooklyn the restaurant, likes!

The teacher said, my date was I know too! It was dead silent. I started crying and panicking, up the mess. Can I sat across from you please not say any- thing? I had no idea that him with vomit it was so obvious to in my purse. It everybody else! Early in my marriage, I began experimenting with toys with my husband. I bought some Ben Wa balls and inserted them.

I cant remember who unexpectedly showed up at our door that night, but I do remem- ber how one of those balls rolled out onto the carpet from the leg of my shorts. I asked one of the employees who was cutting the wood what the total cost his beautiful lux- would be, and he said, For you guys, freesince ury apartment. I youre having a baby. So I guess I looked like I was totally fell for it, pregnant? Diet was not going well, apparently. He pushed me up against Back in college, the wall, then I spent the night spun me around at my then- onto his bed.

But boyfriends place. I got a clothes for laun- throbbing head- dry. I dont know ache that was so who was more bad, I went to the shocked when ER.

Jessica Simpson Goes Makeup-free

But she continued to get the clothes. Determined woman. I was kissing a guy in the backseat of his car when I let out a huge, uncontrollable, garlic-breath burp. I fully belched in his face. I just couldnt hold it! But I went back On a dating app, my to kissing him. One guy My BF came to campus one day after class. I snuck him into did, and I immedi- ately unmatched him the building and into a private bathroom, and we ended up and blocked having sex.

Later, the janitor knocked on the door, and we heard him on Venmo him starting to insert the keys. My BF flung his naked body after accepting his money. I bought against the door, and I screamed, Im giving birth! He said, myself a coffee from Oh, sorry, miss. Take your time. Not even my best friends know Starbucks. I met a guy and went to The dude picked me up This guy asked me to go I went on a terrible his house to Netflix and on his moped and took me hiking, followed by IHOP.

He said, We should back to his place. His idea We went to a local trail, 25 minutes. He downed try something different, so of a romantic date was and on our way down, I his drink super fast, I agreed. Then he poured to watch a documentary chose a steep shortcut. He then shamed me for candle wax on me, saying, about marijuana, then tell was nervous, but I was ordering a sweet cock- Its kind of like lube. Its me how hes on probation hungry so I insisted since it tail because he was not though. I left and never for smoking weed. I made would be faster. I tripped drinking straight tequila.

So out with him later, and and rolled down the side of Then he asked if I odd! I kept hit- wanted to get food, so purple hickies. What a ting bushes and rocks we went outside and he JUST weirdo. ARI P. I looked up, and he was we werent there yet. He Oh, I just got a text.

ADDI H. I went to dinner with a man I had just met. All during the meal, he talked about how much money he makes, how wealthy his family is, and how hes apparently so good with girls. He ordered the cheapest glass of wine for me and got himself one of the most expensive cocktails. He then ordered steak and lobster for himself and a side salad for me. So rude. Pop Star Brut Force. Dairy Derrire Queen Queen. Purple Purple Mane Pooch. Friendly Underwear Fix Tricks. I didnt realize kind of unwanted attention is rough. Im still in touch with because we until later how lame I sounded, brag- One day, I went to my locker, and the grew up together.

Back then, across it. It was humiliating and con- ful of women I count as confidantes. I thought that having the approval of fusing. I didnt think I was worthy Among them, Allison Janney, my my stoner guy friends was of greater of that kind of hatred.

Tess Holliday Graces Cover Of Cosmopolitan And It Means Everything

It takes vulnerability of spirit have nothing in common with any- I really was. I was selling my own to open yourself up to other women moreat least from an outsiders gender down the river, and I wasnt in a way that isnt competitive, perspectivebut who totally gets even getting any fulfillment from and thats especially hard in Hol- me becausehistory. It puts so much pres- to do with my being a guys girl a tight group of girlfriends because sure on any one person, when I truly and everything to do with the fact Chris should be my best friend.

But believe its okay to have intimacy that I was angry and jealous and I never bought that. The idea of your with different people in different unduly proud of the guys I was mate being your best friendits ways. And ranking your friends? It hanging out with. I really believe that your just shouldnt happen, at least not I did have some precedent for partner serves one purpose and each beyond grade school. Theres the Growing up, I fell victim to plenty of friend you confess things to and the Adapted from Unqualified, by mean girls who would sneak up on friend with whom you do the listen- Anna Faris, to be published on October 24, , by Dutton, an me and snap my bra strap.

It may ing. House, LLC. Most of them are Another on their phones idea would while one guy holds be to look court, talking their ears off. Suddenly, up cities one guy interjects If you dated a girl with the for three years, while staring at his phone screen. I was absolutely most casual and then broke up Dude, I think I blacked out when I sexual with her, and then a week later, I had love this girl. She told me that encounters sex with her, would I just Let me see! Forget wanted to motor- and try to Dude, I would be furious if you business it She likes climbing.

Ive fallen boat her and her mom. Actually, routes with her. Ill I probably would through Professional check her out. Have you there. Three dudes sit in a booth at a bar. One has his phone out and types as he talks. The other two gaze around the rest of the room as they respond. How about It was My boss nice chatting with you outside the told me office the few times today that I She A guy who is I figured we did Wonder- ing if youd want look so knocked wearing a blue polo and looks like Harry out her to grab a drink one skinny.

So some of Potter stands with a name! It evening? No now I want her teeth friend, facing the bar. A woman was saved pressure though, smiley face. No smiley- with her. Is it sucks. I love her. Hows that I love her too. Shes Does that going to Just kidding. I Drunk me change things? Her face looks older than Okay, fine. Maybe its those Parisian pumps you just had to own. Or that oh-so-amazing handbag. Fashion is what you love and it doesnt come cheap. And that would help make the things you love that much easier to get.

Auto Home Rent Cycle Boat geico. Turn On the Flash 4 Drape yourself in gemstone-hued Lurex threads and blingy accessories that ignite the night. Glossy Ooze swagger in slick champagne-resistant! BELT, Habits. Slip Into Velvet When mixed with playful fringe, the sumptuous fabric is ultra-lush. Kick-Ass Boots for Fall This season, start from the ground up in standout styles with major tude.

Shapeless brows transformed: Now, get precise, natural brows. Not all comfy kitten heels scream granny. Opt for a fearless mod finish like leopard or stark white. S, ect sw ys co m ion. Earn rewards. Join now at: lorealparisusa. STYLE 2 1. Need a denim break? Exercise your right to rock elastic waistbands in retro-cool athletic sets with high-performance accessories. These labels check both boxes. One that you could only get from a doctor before. Differin Gel has a multi-benefit RETINOID called adapalene that clears your acne where it starts, prevents future breakouts, and as a result, restores your skins natural tone and texture.

For a calorie-free skin fix, slather on a cocoa- infused mask two or three times a week 4 topically, the antioxidants nourish skin and may Coffee reduce wrinkles over time. It contains your body is at rest, says caffeine and the polyphenol 2 Dr. And lack of caffeic acid, both of which sleep can lead to higher may help protect against Red Wine levels of the hormone UV-induced basal-cell A glass a day keeps the cortisol, which is linked to carcinoma and melanoma.

Derms breakouts. Snag at least Just limit your intake to say its possible. Red wine seven hours each night no more than three cups is loaded with the anti- bonus points if youre in a day and drink plenty of oxidant resveratrol, says bed between approximately water to offset the bevs Dr. It helps to 10 p. For an. Fall asleep faster and moisturizer with caffeine, production. Want the perks on your tongue before bed. Prototype shown with options. Production model will vary. Drivers are responsible for their own safe driving.

Always pay attention to your surroundings and drive safely. Depending on the conditions of roads, weather and the vehicle, the system s may not work as intended. See Owners Manual for additional limitations and details. ONLY Melts makeup, cleanses, vampy polish. Lasting color payoff that stays comfortable.

Olay Daily Facials cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate without leaving residue behind, unlike the 1 makeup remover wipe. Get a more complete clean. A cleansers just a cleanser. Unless, its Olay. Meet the triple-cleansethe most effective routine for taking off the day. And because most makeup repels water and moisture so it can withstand sweat and humidity through- out the day , youll need to pre-cleanse with an oil-based remover to fully break down those long-wear pigments and polymers, explains Dr.

If you wear a full face, massage a few pumps of True Botani- cals cleansing oil all over dry skin, then rinse with warm water. Olay Daily Facials cleansing cloths are the whole package, combining four essential steps into one convenient cloth to deliver major beauty benets and a next-level cleanjust add water. Cleanses When it comes to your face, nothing feels better than a deep clean. These Removes soap-free, water- activated cloths Makeup easily lift away dirt Get that makeup off and oil and are and dive right into perfect for ALL skin your current binge- typesthats what watch!

These cloths we call a dream clean. Exfoliates We all know exfoliating your skin is a must, but overdoing it can leave your face feeling dry Hydrates and irritated. These Facials every day? You can are gentle enough for enjoy all the benets daily use, leaving you of a trip to the spa with smoother skin in in just minutes from less than one week. It may be hard to believe, but these cloths hydrate your skin with ingredients that start working as soon as you add water.

Wash Its time for the main event. Rinse using lukewarm No, its not neces- water hot temps can cause sary. If you have dry or sensitive. Opt more easily , and hydrate to rinse well during step for a cream cleanser if you skin and thor- with aloe and grapeseed two. Try It Cosmetics Mir- oughly cleansed have dry skin it typically extract so youre not left acle Water with hydrating before bed, rinsing has more conditioning feeling tight or dry after hyaluronic acid if you have your face with just agents or something that you rinse.

No matter skin overnight, Olays water-activated, tex- which toner you choose, says David Col- STEP 3 tured cloths, which pull make sure its alcohol-free bert, MD, founder triple duty to whisk away Tone avoid alcohol denat on of New York Derma- leftover impurities, gently tology Group. Ditto Toning offers extra resi- the label. Its too drying, if your skin is dry exfoliate so your subse- due removal, hydration even for oily complexions, or chapped from quent skin-care products or oil-reduction depend- explains Dr. Col- bert.

And if you use products better, says Glot. And dont forget your for daytime. Hydrates better than the 1 prestige hydration eye cream. So eyes look rested, even when youre not. My apartment is cluttered with crystals. I use mindful unironically. All to say, Im fully on board the wellness wagonexcept when it comes to my makeup. Its not just me. This is a daily conversation in my office, says my derm, Gary Goldenberg, MD. Your skin is your largest organ, and chemicals in products could cause internal issues, so I recommend makeup made with natural ingre- dients.

Still, Ive been reluctant, assuming Id have to sacrifice too much. Ten years ago, youd be rightthere wasnt a lot out there, says Christy Cole- man, chief artistic officer at Beautycounter, but green beauty is now an industry to be reckoned with. Any brand, regardless of what is in its. Its total confu- prettifying power. Cosmos deputy beauty sion for the consumer, says director, Marta Topran, leads the way. Swift, who suggests always looking at ingredient lists for the full truth. Each carefully crafted formula uses sustainably sourced ingredients to help support local farmers and communities around the globe.

Plus, uniquely blended fragrances and gentle formulas help restore the health and natural beauty of your hair with every use. How great is that?

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Now you can care for the world while caring for your hair! Best Pressed Whole Blends Illuminating Haircare contains argan oil thats wild harvested and pressed in the Moroccan tradition by a network of womens cooperatives. Whole Blends sourcing program has helped foster corporate social responsibility in the argan supply chain and has contributed to the overall economic and social development of the area.

Hand Gathered Farm Fresh The virgin coconut oil in Whole The savannas of Burkina Faso in Blends Smoothing Haircare is western Africa are home to the sourced from trees grown in the hand-harvested shea nuts used in volcanic soil of Samoa. Women Whole Blends Nourishing Haircare on the islands have set up a products. When blended together cooperative of farms to protect the in our formulas, shea butter and environment by hand gathering, avocado oil extracts create a creamy, hand cracking and cold pressing moisturizing formula that deeply the coconuts without chemicals.

Im all about a nude finds safer versions of 1 shadow palette. During my right shimmer. Living Science Program all and I mean that in a 2. That said, I crunchy, covering database has unbiased did find some differences up your dark circles. There ventional. A lipstick so mois- preservatives linked to grances! Bonus: It smells and phthalatesoften chemicals, cream eye deliciously fruity listed as DEP, theyre plas- shadows crease so fast I BF-approved!

Also, beware of syn- you put on other prod- vapourbeauty. Because ucts doesnt always feel as 4. The perfect of trademark law, brands smooth. Swift told me to orange-red dupe for dont need to disclose apply with my fingers to Nars Heat Wave. Mineral oil, into my skin. Two months and hun- ular powders on Insta has 17 ingredi- dreds of product tests ents!

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Joseph Reed. Charles Edward Russell Charles Edward Russell was an American journalist, opinion columnist, newspaper editor, political activist. Meanwhile, a productive Virgo moon all weekend will set you up for success! A new moon in sexy Leo on Wednesday manifests your ideas when it comes to sexuality, intimacy, and commitment. Retrieved August 23, There is debate whether the responses in this section are representative of the majority of men or only based on the views of the small number of male writers. Schedule self-care and rest as you head into the weekend.

This has two. We only select ros-fueled Despacito My weekend go-to, it brands that pass our dance party at my college makes skin look I-do-yoga glowy. Were focused on whats trash your current stash, 7. This serum It shows. I was shocked out, try a green replace- foundation is better than conventional at how cool everything ment. Especially your 7 formulas Ive tried.


My other favor- a large area, urges Cole- Pigments Flawless ites: Follain. Slowly, youll build Serum Foundation,. Never List, with more ting on your skin and feel TBH, most clean than 1, ingredients. This one is shockingly good. Lavender is proven to have calming antianxiety properties. Falling into a hump-day slump?

Eucalyptus can help clear your mind and inspire you, says Amy Galper, executive director and founder of the Its New York Institute of Aromatherapy. Its shampoo. A combination of frankincense and peppermint offers a beginning-of-the- week buzz. Frankincense can help sharpen the mind, while peppermint. Inhale can increase alertness. Add a drop of each to a tissue or an empty wineglass an easy DIY diffuser! Quick sniffs make the. Better nasal passages smaller, so you wont get as much benefit, says Hope Gillerman, founder of H. Gillerman Organics. Theyre aphrodisiacs, says Charlynn Avery, aromatherapist for Aura Cacia: In their plant form, they attract pollinators, and they can have that effect on humans as well.

Add a few drops of each to a diffuser, place it in your bedroom, and let it run for 30 minutes before entering. Flowery ylang-ylang not only smells delicious on skin, its also considered a happy oil that can lower blood Its pressure, according to a study in the journal Planta Medicaperfect for THURSDAY chilling at happy hour with your crew. Apply to pulse points middle of chest, side of neck, insides of wrists. Their heat will diffuse the notes. These hair tricks will take you from sweaty to stylishstat. Work in a nourishing prod- uct before ponying up, advises hairstyl- ist Matt Fugate.

Use it on roots pre- your strands will ventatively to absorb still smell fresh sweat and oil during post-gym. Unlike a lot of probiotics, the unique strain in Florastor has larger, stronger cells. Bigger cells means increased intestinal coverage and protection for healthy digestion. To learn more or get coupons visit Florastor.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. See www. Add a head- band to sop up sweat. Itll look chic later. After class, wrap a strand DIOR around the tails base, and pin. Just unravel and brush for a bouncy. Here, the combos that add up to skin disaster. Vitamin C may therefore inactivate SmartSync to protect your skin from pollution Activating Squares, probiotics, explains Dr. Together benzoyl peroxide kills acne- they can overstrip the skin, lead- causing bacteria, while ing to dehydration, decreased bar- retinol increases skin-cell rier function, and inflammation, turnover to prevent clogged says Dr.

And doubling up poresbut mixing them can cause oil glands to produce may cause both to break more oil to compensate. Theyre FREE. COM Both are physical exfoliators europeanwax meaning they manually remove dead skin cellsand theyre too harsh to use together. Doing so can lead to redness, inflamma tion, and even breakouts, says Dr.

Use your brush daily E. Additional Primer with Anti-Acne restrictions may apply. All Rights Reserved. Period Effing With Your Face? Its bad enough that hormones wreck your mood, but your skin? Not cool! Heres how to outsmart those nasty suckers. The beginning of a typical day cycle starts with your period.

Topical Treatments HORMONE HACK Youll likely experience redness and sensitivity due to a rise in prostaglandin Because those deep, the hormone-like compound increases inflammation and decreases pain tolerance, explains painful pimples dont have derm Joshua Zeichner, MD as well as an increase in blood flow to capillaries. Stick to a head, most traditional soothing skin care like this anti-inflammatory evening primrose oil and feverfew day cream.

It contains Hormone levels start off low but start to rise slowly specifically estrogen as your body begins a form of lactic acid to mature follicles in the ovaries. Now is the time to use more intense treatments and active products, explains Vitti. Its also the ideal time for a wax: Research 8. Oral Medications The Pill keeps hormones Days 13 through 15 in check, which can As your body prepares to ovulate, estrogen and testosterone levels continue to increase. Estrogen boosts acne. Another bonus: collagen production and keeps skin moist and plump, says Lauren Streicher, MD, clinical It also suppresses your associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

And ovaries by supplying the testosterone causes skin to produce more sebum, which acts as a natural moisturizer, adds body with excess Vitti. However, if your skin is typically oily, the testosterone rise can cause pimples P. LOral Pariss cleanser uses three different clays and red algae to de-gunk pores. If that 5.


Before your period, estrogen an androgen-blocker plummets, while progesterone spikes. The hormonal imbalance in women. Preempt breakouts with 3. A Healthier Diet Marie Veroniques mask contains a mix of probiotics and pore-purging enzymes to keep skin The quality of your clear. Additionally, increased circulation to capillaries coupled with sleepless nights sebum and whether or common during this part of the cycle can lead to dark circles That means fewer sugary treats and more veggies. You know how most of us think of spring as the reset seasonthe time to start something new? Well, autumn is my spring: Instead of falling back, I fall forwardinto a new look.

And I dont just mean switching up my closet. I rethink my hair lob or leave it long? Take our picta-quizit pairs your personality to a perfect new perfumethen shop your eau de you at Macys Scent Event in store and online , October 4 through October Pick the pout painting that speaks to you the loudest. The sidewalk is your runwaywhich look makes you want to strut?

Everyones got grid goals. Which best describes your vibe? Seductive vanilla,. Bonus points for how epic these dramatic bottles will look on your vanity. And your chic style reflects that! A clean, unfussy fragrance matches his sneakers-and-jeans style and laid-back attitude. Bourbon on the rocks, sharp suits, and powerful cars. This guy requires a scent thats just as bold and classy, so seek out rich leather and spice notes. Spritzes and swag? Sign us up!

F inallygravy that goes crunch! Heres a tip: Complaining to your friends about how you and your S. What will? Adding more laughs and nice. Its a clich we hear all the time, consider this research: but lets be honest: Laughing with someone youre also sleeping and A University of Kansas eating with among other things is freaking funand the bread and study of more than 15, butter of relationships.

According to research by social psychologist people found that pairs Laura Kurtz, PhD, busting into hysterics with your partner will make you feel closer to and more supported by each other. For humor to make you feel super tight, its best moments and inside jokes if you share a similar sense of whats actually, well, funny. Its called are much happier than those relational humor, says Jeffrey Hall, PhD, author of the University of who rarely crack up together. Kansas study, and tapping into it can be very powerful. No one is saying you have to start performing stand-up for your guy And according to a different whenever you hang out, but it might pay to come up with your own study, doing small, compas- private ritual thatll give you two something to cackle aboutand up sionate acts for your partner those lovey-dovey feels too.

For instance, you can steal what Lauren, will also reap big love rewards.

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Whenever I went to the flea market, he asked me to pick up So, now that you have that the cheapest, oddest thing I could find, she says. We made a game crucial intel, use it. This of itbuying each other the most random, hilarious crap. It always advice will get you started. Franchesca Ramsey and Patrick Kondas, hosts of the podcast Last Name Basis and real-life married couple, laugh for a living.

Heres how humor holds them together. Especially when Fran tries to be sexy. I really love how Pat belts out the wrong song lyrics with such confidence. F: Absolutely. We ran into each other at a party and were teasing each other all night. Patrick was one of the few guys who could keep up with me. And he didnt Finding Common Comic Ground pull any punches, which But what if only one of you gets the joke and the other is all I dont I appreciate.

Youll just have to be a little more proactive in find- her over with jokes, since Laughing is impressively ing what does bust you both up. A few helpful strategies: On date I wasnt going to win with six-pack abs. Challenge each other to a ridic- health: It decreases ulous internet-meme contest. We make up stu- use it during tense hormones, which in turn can lower blood pid lyrics about our dog to the intro music from Orange Is the New moments?

Thats gold! P: When Frans wrong, your risk of heart And time helps too. The longer you two date, the more youll suddenly she was joking disease. It can accumulate ha-ha-worthy moments, either privately like the all along. The trick: Bring up these inside jokesoften. Accord- relationship? Just one joke might make the better. It shows trust two of you laugh over and over again for months or even years, and understanding.

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Thats the power of humor. Be Kind, Already! Once you get comfy, thing from watch- its common to for- ing a movie youre get how important not into for his showing your partner sake to kissing him you GAF about him before racing out is. Its much easier to the door. An aww- bark at him to order worthy example? Simply explain satisfied when both husband helped champagne that It pays to be selfless: it to him clearlytell partners make small, her hang photos in night, then give him Doing just one him hes great, but spontaneous, and her office.

It made a card a few days nice thing for your youd love if hed pour partner each day thoughtful gestures, me feel supported later to express how you an Olivia Pope can boost your overall according to studies and loved, she says. Youll life satisfaction size merlot when you at the University of Now, when I look both experience the and lower any feelings come over or if hed Rochester and Flor- at my workspace, it mood boost for days.

This may sound better because were too busy or oblivious you down. Somake sexy he finds you. But for together. Thats really what so long, research- Whats more, your for you in return, the happiest couples ers observing happy partner doesnt even dont shy away from have in common relationships focused have to be aware of speaking up. Theres they shell out the only on how pairs these tiny tokens of nothing wrong with small stuff freely, handled conflict. Think placing Mask of Masculinity. Atlantic University. Who Youre Peace Offering E xample These low-key Give and Get It Arguing With In the midst of a heated Let your guard down moves can be any- To make your mate This is your partner, so debate, if your BF still and show him what smile, try a technique try your best to give refills your water glass being open to his opin- called capitaliza- him the benefit of the as he tops off his own, ion looks like, suggests doubt.

You can stay take a sec to let his Lewis Howes. It works tion, where you amp compassionate if you consideration for you better than defensively up your response to remind yourself that he cool you down. When telling him what he has awesome things that does have your best one of you disarms done wrong. Explain in happen to him in interests at heart, even the other, it can actually a loving way how what order to extend the if hes mad, says ther- help stop the fight from hes doing is affecting good vibes. Instead apist Carrie Cole.

Studies have all night like a sexy Youre only getting a kiss mark from you. Take one just me to watch this It is low-investment that raise adrenaline before you leave with you if you and almost effortless can bond you even the house, and send protect me during but reveals that closer to someone.

He wants them size and, yes, stamina! He ensembles for men according to a national Goodwill to think youre as great wants to please you, but poll say about those who choose to wear them. Ahoy, lady! This sea lover is a rambunctious adventurer who yearns to cause a little trouble. He may even know how to shiver your timbers! And guys dont the lifestyle theyre used like being figured out. As long as youre into that, he can be fun and alluring. But if he delves too deeply into his hellish alter ego, he may be wrestling with some undead emotional issues. His aim is to defend your honor.

Your mission? To find out if his motives are stationed at the right base. If hes donning this uniform out of respect, then hes a good dude. Cant a girl get some Ghostbusters backup around here? It was only a Her breath smelled bad, first date. Plus, I I agreed to and I didnt have the heart to had met her on go out with a inform her. NAVIN, 19 a dating app. I girl, and she just assumed she instantly told I didnt want to listen to an was used to me she loved overreaction from someone I things ending like me. If I ever want to get that. SEAN, 29 her feelings. GEOFF, A You dont. Hate to say it, but the thought does countand he is tryingso criticizing his unfortunate taste will come across as ungrateful.

Instead, steer him toward better choices. Before holidays and birthdays, drop obvious hints like giant bread crumbs he can pick up as he hunts for presents: I wish I had a nice new wallet. Chance the Rapper is coming to town, but the tickets are so expensive. You know whats under- rated? Gift cards. Nobody ever gets me gift cards anymore. Unless hes totally oblivi- ous, hell get the message. Instagram captions. A Nope. Say something that sends a out, you dont want to message loud and clear: As in, Babe, the be with a guy whos A If he doesnt want whole room just saw you adjust yourself!

If get real. And trying act like you werent raised in the jungle? However, you discreet when it comes to rearranging up and stop playing can be clear about himself in front of others. Or at the very social-media games. Then be blunt person. Can I draw about what youre the talkative ver- after: I know were sion of him out of just getting to know hiding? Are you? What gives? Others are your life.

Regardless, three years, but we nothing but thumbs: A Ive known guys none of these motiva- havent said I love super expressive and to run interference tions are acceptable you. Is that weird? He mission. Tell him to should say so! He to-face with you. Its your could simply be ner- Give him a few more random dudes are right and only yours vous to say it first. Or dates to settle in and good enough for you, to shoot guys down If thats the really is. And while tective. Two, he has case, wouldnt you thats happening, a secret crush. He Hill is a rather know now keep texting. Your wants you but cant contributing writer than invest more back-and-forth admit itmaybe for Cosmopolitan and Cosmopolitan time wondering?

And yet it. Cheat- ing is the elephant in the room. And thats why its time to rethink it. While writing my new book, The State of Affairs, I discovered surprising things about cheating that can help get these discussions started. Here, just a few of the realities I unearthed. And their actions cessful, this wouldnt have fan. Everyone has a dif- are more than just cheat- Heal? But an affair is ferent definition of cheat- ingthey have a fundamen- 1 not always a symptom of inga strip-club visit can tal lack of respect for you something missing in your devastate one person as and the relationship.

But in You cant stop relationship or in you. And much as a month affair general, just because some- reliving the moment it doesnt always mean that your partner told hurts another. Get to know ones been unfaithful once you he cheated. Usually, couples to own their mistakes and him for more that determine if infidel- dont address this when the remain dedicated to earn- details, he says, ity will be the nail in the God.

Youre still on tide is lowthey only do so ing back your trust. First, is the per- once theyre in crisis. Third, are they youre not ready But you cant always tell outside the relationship is and you may never able to say What can we that in advance. Instead of the worst thing a person can be. Its natural to learn from this? While trying to avoid infidelity by donot according to what obsess over an one person was responsible guessing who will be faith- actually happened. When indiscretion for the for the affair, the couple is first few months, but ful, talk to your partner, someone is repeatedly mis- responsible for the relation- you cant move on acknowledge that sexual treated or neglected in a until that passes.

In the stars right now:. Set yourself to beast mode! Focus, focus, focus! October is a 1 month in Numerology, paired with the amplifying power Make it a doppia! Guest astrologer and wellness alchemist, Stephanie Gailing, MS, shares her wisdom for staying healthy during Regain footing in relationships with a zodiac-inspired meditation from psychotherapist Terri Cole.

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