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go here This is what I am thinking about these days. I think you give me answers and lead my way. I just needed some encouragement to make a choice. Just a quick note to say thank you for your daily horoscopes. I give as many people your web site, as I believe it will help them in ways they may not have experienced without you. I just wanted to say thank you for all the daily horoscopes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I absolutely LOVE having my annual plan - it is like a roadmap and I find it so useful to plan important meetings, decisions and activities. And it is amazing how things happen now that I am so tuned to the messages from the stars.

It is so incredibly helpful. This is so good, how can these predictions be so pertinent to each day and what is going on for me Thank you soooo much. I cannot believe how on target you are.

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You are so inspirational. I look forward to continuing to receive these reports — they offer many insights! I think you rock — I have never read such insightful and real words in a paragraph and whether or not my day is shaped by your words, I know my world is. I share you with people I care about because you make a difference in day to day thoughts — and that is all there is — day to day. Just a quick e-mail to thank you for the very comprehensive Monthly Horoscope. Together with the daily scopes I find them all remarkably accurate.

Thank you so much for your continued dedication to my daily Scopes.

I look forward to reading them, and it gives me great joy and incentive for each and every day. I don't know how to say this but there is something very amazing about your writing For me it always seems to be exactly right. Hi Anne, I am so rapt that I receive my horoscope each day and you have no idea how much it amazes me when I read them some days. Thank you for making my DAY. Your forecasts bring me more confidence. The horoscopes are fab. I get mine and my partners too for him to read. They are so correct it's almost spooky. The overview of our signs are amazingly right.

Thanks for the superb service you provide. You communicate the idea without the need to reread over and over. Can't praise you enough - will spread the word. Your customer support is also excellent. I need to tell you that your words are amazing. Thank you! Can I just mention that it was very nice to receive a personalised email from Anne Macnaughtan in response to a couple of questions that I had. I was a bit surprised that it was Anne that had responded directly to me as often you believe that someone else may have written on her behalf.

It has given me a lot of faith in this website and what it has to offer. Both myself and my wife get great inspiration from the daily emails you send out. The way you interpret the heavens and dispense advice is always in such a positive and constructive way.

Hi Anne, thanks for the daily horoscope from forecasters. I have been developing a bit of an interest in this area and yours is the best work I have come across. She is brilliant! Thank you Anne. I would just like to say that I find your site really great! Your daily forecasts, I look forward too every day. They are an inspiration to me! You are so very accurate. Enjoy and rely on your horoscope. Have a magic day. Love them! Thank you for such fabulous insight into the week ahead! So armed, positively dangerous. They are so informative and supportive.

I just received my monthly horoscope and it is very interesting to find out what is ahead for me every month. Thank you so much for your all work and efforts. I would like to thank you for sending the December monthly horoscope for Scorpio to me. Very interesting reading. Have been reading my horoscopes for the past couple of weeks on XTRA msn - then found the forecasters site last night — were I stayed for a good couple of hours!!!! Thank you Anne for today's horoscope. It comes on a day that is very important for me - major day actually.

The horoscope has helped me and validated what I need to do today. Please extend my kindest regards to Anne and all her family. Anne is really in-sync and makes a lot of sense from otherwise problems.

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I thank her for her writings. There are billions of people out there with my same birth sign, yet I wonder if Anne is able to touch them in the same way? Take pride in knowing you have her on your team Forecasters and Anne are worth a million! Thank you very much for the monthly stars. Great format, easy to read and its looks like the start of a fantastic year for Taurus, and already things mentioned in my forecast are already happening.

I look forward to receiving further monthly updates! Once again thank you. Thank you so much, I think you are an amazing team. Have just printed out the first half of my chart. This is way beyond anything I was expecting. Thank you so very much. Thank you so much, I am so excited. I think you are amazing, I really do feel I have a connection with your energy and whether you like it or not, you are actually a real part of my day to day living. If you only knew what I have been through during the past 18 months.

I didn't think I would even be here anymore and yet I am, obviously because I have a grand plan to fulfil. I know it's just a horoscope, but what you give me each day is hope - hope when on some days I couldn't find it anywhere else and now that I am getting better you are encouraging me everyday to be brave, to hang on in there, and to live the life I was meant to live.

It still amazes me. Dear Anne may I write to simply thank you for your astonishingly thorough and elegantly detailed monthly horoscopes? I am a full time astrologer for the last 25 years in California and honestly, I just send my clients to your site Thank you so much for such a quick response. Sounds fascinating and now that I know that you are efficient as well as insightful, I am sure to follow through with this purchase. Thank you also for the daily readings. Those who don't believe are such close-minded people.

I just wanted to thank you for being so specific and great in writing those horoscopes. I can never wait for them to arrive and they information has helped me immensely so far. Hope you get a lot of gratitude. I just wanted to take a couple of seconds to let you know that my friend thought her natal chart was the most fantastic present. Just wanted to let you know that your readings are totally amazing and relate almost exactly to what is happening in my life. Thankyou for your dedication and insight. Thank you and keep up the awesome work.

These horoscopes always seem so relevant. Absolutely love these readings, I always send them off to my girlfriend in Sydney as soon as I receive them as she is also a little Cancerian! They are so positive and accurate. Thanks so much for that. I was just amazed at how accurate your prediction was. Thank you - keep up the great work. I'm not sure if you get this personally, but just wanted to say how great your horoscopes are!

They amaze me every day at how accurate they are. I often refer to my business chart and have a greater understanding of my tools, purpose and direction. Thank you for the fantastic and very accurate chart! I will get in touch soon and have a reading done with you. Very much appreciated thanks once again. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy receiving my daily horoscopes. This year I am really concentrating on getting my business moving and most days I receive a horoscope with just the right message for me.

I print them out and stick them in my business planner journal for inspiration. Thanks so much for making a difference! Every day I have been very glad to get my horoscope reading from you. Always helpful. Always very insightful. But never more moving, or perfect, or real, or challenging, or gratefully received than this one below received today. I just can't tell how powerfully it has moved me - and given me the strength to dive deep - to go on - and to do exactly what I have to do.

Thank you for your wonderful work. Just wanted to wish you everything good the Universe has to offer you and tell you thankyou for your wonderful horoscope insights throughout the year. I find them very helpful and appreciate your hard work and persistence. Thankyou for your free readings every day! I thoroughly enjoy looking forward to the mail turning up, to see what the day has to offer!

Thank you for your very accurate forecasting and wonderful service, my gratitude to you all for your user friendly website and emails. Have to say I am very impressed with the site overall as well as the excellent communication.

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Free Daily and Weekly Horoscopes for every star sign from renowned Astrologer Kelli Fox. Forecasts for life, love and career every day. Free weekly horoscope for each star sign from renowned astrologer Kelli Taurus. April 20 – May A conflict within your friendship circle.

You are doing an amazing job - know that you are making a huge difference in the lives of the people you touch. You really are making magic happen. I thought I would email you, as your emails have come daily and now consider them part of life and family, and wanting to support you and your team in anyway possible. Lots of energy and love to you and your team. I enjoy the daily dose of interpretations and you do a fantastic job. I just want to thank you for your insightful readings which I receive every day like clockwork.

I use them daily as a great source of inspiration and guidance. Next time we're in New Zealand I would like the opportunity of meeting with you. You truly have the gift. No others come close! You never cease to amaze me. Your insight into me is sometimes well most astonishing! My sister is a world famous Sabian Symbol book writer and yet I get such a feeling of knowing from your forecasts everyday. I just want to finally say good on ya, from an Aussie admire of your talent. Your website came up in a search for monthly horoscopes and I am most delighted to have read through it!

I actually think of you as my own cosmic coach - so thanks again for doing what you do - and with such wisdom and style!! Thank you ever so much for the wonderful forecast for the month of September. I do so enjoy reading it, it was a fantastic idea of my sister to have arranged it.

Thank you for this message, I'm buoyed by your consistently insightful readings you send me every day. I have been reading your forecasts every single day and have found all the time the predictions have been accurate. I would like to take the opportunity to say just how wonderful the daily horoscope emails are. They are very inspirational, and more often than not, spot on. I am always excited to get them, and have told many people about them. Just wanted to let you know how articulate and much needed I found the September reports At least you know your work is a proper use of your god-given talents I know I've told you before, by your horoscopes give me the shivers!

They are so bang on every single time! I have been listening to Anne on Radio live and am disappointed that she has moved to the earlier time as I am not in bed by 8! I have also found my daily horoscope to be alarmingly accurate!! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy my daily horoscopes that I have emailed.

They are always very positive and I look forward to the guidance. I really love your forecasts. You really "hit the spot"! I always want to get my forecasts from you. Have been quite amazed by the accuracy of the daily horoscopes I have been receiving. Whoever writes these has a wonderful grasp of the written word, they are very readable. Thank you Anne, your horoscopes are so accurate, reading it is the first thing I do when I get to work!

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Thanks so much for your fantastic site, and the monthly forecasts, which I have subscribed to, as well as receiving the lovely dailies. Knowing what's happening out there in the cosmic world certainly helps when one experiences sudden turbulence or other changes. I've been really impressed with your reading - they have been pretty much bang on for me. And they've been very encouraging in terms of my taking charge of my life.

I thank you. I have been following your stars for a while now and may I say that everything that you say is so true. I did not believe in stars before and would read the stars in the papers but it never made any sense.

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You are very talented. God bless you. Thanks so much. I love my monthly horoscopes sooooooo much!!!! Your accuracy continues to amaze me on a daily basis. You have captured my current situation perfectly. Many thanks Thank you very much for the birth chart, which I've just printed out. All I can say is - "Amazing! I've just recently been receiving your daily email forecasts, which are brilliant! My world suddenly makes sense and has taken on a whole new meaning and purpose. I enjoy reading your email each day and it gives me a good start to the day.

Thanks so much and keep them coming I thank you very much Anne for my daily forecast reading. I am glad that I registered with you. It hits my daily life you just touch me in the heart and my daily feeling and the way I operate everyday. I am a new client who just found you and look forward everyday for your medicine in the way of feelings. Thanks for your wise guidance. I already receive your fantastic horoscope every day, could you please send my partners.

Just wanted to say congrats on the new site - it's great. You won't believe how accurate this is for me today. The horoscopes you provide are some of the best I've seen and I hope you get a good, strong following as a result.

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Your horoscope for me as a Leo this morning is as is so often the case is just what I needed to 'hear'. I don't know how you do it! More like having floodlights turned on. I can't live without them. I really look forward to your reading every morning they have been very interesting, sometimes I read them a day or so late and I have been amazed at how accurate they have been. Spreading your wings will expose you to exciting new places that you and your friends will love. A change of scenery will also introduce you to kindred spirits.

Ruler Mercury has moved into your sector of communication making you eloquent and clever. Have you been wincing at the thought of taking a long hard look at your finances? Fear not! If not, this dynamic duo will help you formulate plans to eliminate debt, boost earnings and maximise savings. Make the most of your vivacity and charm by getting the weekend off to a fun start and engaging in lots of social activities.

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Queensland residents told to seek shelter Mass evacuations as blaze rips through town. Exchanging ideas could lead to a successful life hack blog. Yep, the stars are conspiring for you to form quite an unexpected coalition. Thank you for your support Anne you are always right on the button!! Your Pisces Horoscope welcomes you to an exciting and illuminating year in your neighborhood. You're flexible and accepting, and that's wonderful. Be glad there's affection in your life.

Look out for Taureans. With the stars enhancing your vision and inspiration this is a great time to focus on fostering your creativity. Start by taking up a new hobby with a close friend or becoming involved in a group project. When was the last time you changed your hair or updated your look? An event this weekend could be the ideal catalyst to alter you image. It will also provide you with the perfect platform for your big reveal.

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You may feel down today and, being an idealist you need to frequently remind yourself that not every day is sunshine. You revel in the highs but if you need help navigating the lows just ask. Friends will happily give you support. Your Daily Horoscope for Saturday, October 5.