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Horoscope: what the stars have in store for us in May 2018

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Taureau (20 avril – 20 mai) Taureau. 20 avril – 20 mai. Gémeaux (21 mai – 20 juin) Gémeaux Chacun des 12 signes de l'horoscope relève d'un élément. Personalized and accurate horoscope for Pisces in love, money, career, education, travel, health, color of the year , lucky number and lucky zodiac.

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The more flexible your thinking, the better. Reflect on these, but be aware that May will be just as exciting and offer even more unexpected insights. No longer. However, because the period from mid-April and all of May is about changes as dramatic as they are sudden, even you could be confused or, possibly, anxious. Then continue to ask questions and explore. Your plans and perspective will remain unclear until the emotionally intense, and informative, Sagittarius Full Moon, on 29 May. Capricorn December 21 — January 19 Edita Vilkeviciute, born January 1 Your strength is your ability to analyse, then deal with, even seriously challenging situations.

During May your focus shifts to the dramatic events reshaping your world, life and the circumstances of others. Aquarius January 20 — February 17 Sasha Pivovarova, born January 21 Others admire your generous spirit, even with seriously difficult people, and your sharp mind. Forget about analysis, at least for now. Instead, explore, as if you were in an intriguing but unfamiliar country. Pisces February 18 — March 19 Anna Ewers, born March 14 Although your powerful Pisces intuition is telling you that the current cycle of unsettling changes is timely, if not overdue, and a bout alterations in how people live, think and love, not everybody will agree.