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The Love Horoscope of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle - Gregory Scott Astrology

go Meghan and Harry are an example of two very different people uniting in a common purpose. With his Sun Sign in Virgo in a harmonious trine to his Taurus Moon and Capricorn rising all Earth signs , Harry is at his core an extremely grounded and practical individual.

When is Prince Harry's wedding?

However, his freewheeling Mars drive and desires conjunct Uranus radical departure from the norm in Sagittarius, the sign of freedom and adventure adds a radical side to his personality which defies the kind of structure which the earthy element creates. In the earlier article about Harry quoted above I wrote:.

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The conflict between this iconoclastic rabble-rouser and the earthy pragmatism is a challenging one and in a conflict like this we often project one side into outer life. Because Harry was brought up in the tightly controlled environment of British royalty, this need to be responsible to the British people appears to be a strong professional motivator and in fact, the planet of responsibility, Saturn, sits right on the Midheaven the point of career and public life.

Her Libra Moon signifies a craving for partnership and a need for personal harmony, but her Moon is impinged by both Saturn isolation, loneliness, achievement and Jupiter expansion, confidence and good fortune.

Princess Diana’s Astrologer on Archie Harrison’s Birth Chart and Zodiac Sign

This obviously creates a push-pull of enthusiasm from Jupiter and sadness and insecurity from Saturn that can be difficult to balance. This could manifest in a basically hopeful attitude Jupiter combined with a deep insecurity. And in Libra, she needs for everyone else to be happy so that her life can remain in balance.

This is echoed by the Cancer ascendant which is focused on nurturing and taking care of things which we see in her devotion to rescue animals and the charity work she has been doing with children for years, and her Mars drive and desire is also in Cancer.

Meghan, Harry, Archie and the Horoscope!

The descendant of the chart is the sign on the cusp of the seventh house of marriage and partnership. This pairing draws the two together, but there is some danger that it is all about appearances rather than substance. I would ideally like to see some contacts between the personal planets of the charts of a couple about to be married, especially the Moon and Venus. There are some incompatibilities in the chart which will create difficulties but are not insurmountable. Communication will not come easily to them but will take some effort and understanding.

Princess Diana's Astrologer Weighs in on Archie Mountbatten-Windsor's Birth Chart

She will likely want him to spend more time at home, and he will be off adventuring. There are an infinite number of calculations that we can make to assess relationships between individuals.

One of these is the composite chart, which merges the two charts into one to come up with a chart revealing the quality of the relationship itself. But Racioppi says this level of commitment was in the cards for Prince Harry all along. He also has a Taurus moon, indicating that when he makes a choice he's fully committed.

Sun Signs: Leo and Virgo

What Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Future Might Hold, According to an Astrologer Meghan Markle's future once they're pronounced husband and wife using something called synastry, the art of relationship astrology. Princess Diana's astrologer reveals she saw the US in Prince Harry's stars when he .. the Braemar Highland games with Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla.

To no surprise, Meghan and Harry share several key traits including their passion to serve others. But here's where they differ: Meghan's a social butterfly whereas Prince Harry likes to keep to himself we're just as shocked as you are. She needs to hash out problems by talking through them," says Wright. Meghan's also rather unconventional for a royal — from her outfit choices to her comfort with PDA.

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Their wedding date — May 19 — is a pretty big deal to astrologers. They're focus will be on solving the Earth's problems with resources and homelessness. So yes, Harry and Meghan will work hard to solve all of the world's greatest problems but that won't take away from their desire to start a family by now we know, it's a priority of theirs. Leave a comment. Leave us a comment 5 4 3 2 1 0.

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