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All month long you can achieve and receive new opportunities that you can gladly say yes to for personal achievement! On May 6th Mercury moved into this area of your life which now gives you the ability to talk about your personal values and advertise your unique talents. How do you desire to increase your income? How have your personal values changed?

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Are you ready to have more quality in your life? Are you ready to work smarter and not harder? You can really enjoy this time of your life which will last from May 15th through June 8th. Also on May 15th your ruling planet Mars will move into the nurturing sign of Cancer which can turn your physical attention towards your home and family matters. Try to make the best of that because rewards can come your way from paying attention towards the ones you love and enhancing your environment in quality ways.

This could be a very emotional time if you expect too much from others that the either cannot or will not cooperate with you about. Try not to lose your cool, but instead keep a calm composure. This is a passing phase that is testing your ability to rise above frustrating situations so that you can be more lovingly proactive. When you choose to set a positive vibration for others to follow you may find that their ability to cooperate with you becomes much better.

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On May 21st the Sun will move into the sign of Gemini on the same day that Mercury the ruling planet for Gemini also moves into Gemini! Your communication and learning skills will get a big new burst of energy indeed for the next few weeks! Your social circle can also increase! All in all, for this month of May, you can enhance your life is so many beautiful ways! Have Fun! Happy New Year Aries! You can easily start this month off right with some very lofty goals in mind because your ruling planet Mars moved into your sign! New Ideas and New Vibrant energy can be yours all month long!

What you choose to do with these new ideas and more vibrant energy is totally up to you. One thing is for sure…day by day you should begin to feel better and more optimistic about yourself and your life!

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To really feel at your best…get your body moving! Saturday, January 12th through Monday the 14th, the Moon is in your sign where you are more able to focus upon yourself and your own needs. Do you desire stronger commitments within your personal relationships?

If you sit around waiting for others to make a commitment to you first then you will be waiting a long time indeed. Be the leader, be the teacher, be the guide that they need. You are the one can set the right tone of energy that others can gravitate towards. Set your mind upon your goals — both personal and professionally- and then step by step, in the most positive ways, throughout this whole month, you can become joyfully successful!

At first you may be very aware of what you feel most dissatisfied about, but situations should begin to change in your favor once the New Moon in Sagittarius arrives on December 7th at AM ET. From this moment of time onward you should feel more hopeful and ready to envision a better future for yourself and the ones you love. With the energy of your ruling planet Mars currently in the sign of Pisces, until December 31st, your heart is in the right place when you are feeling forgiving and generous. What you give to another you also give to yourself.

The happiness you bring to others will radiate within you and bring much good fortune your way. You may feel a slight push and pull between what you need to do within your career and what you want to do at home. Finding a balance between the two, without rushing or allowing yourself to feel overwhelmed, the better situations in both areas of your life will be for you.

With a caring heart and a youthful energy you can accomplish anything that you set your mind upon doing. Your attitude of gratitude for those you care most for can return to you 10 fold over the next couple of weeks. This month can be a time of celebration for you.

You can celebrate how far you have come throughout this year and also celebrate the New Year of arriving! On December 31st the energy of Mars will move into your sign, where it likes to be the best! You can know that as you enter into the New Year that your energy will increase, you will really start to feel more enthusiastic, which can help you to jump forward into the New Year with a really great attitude!

For more information about the vibrations in the month of December take a few minutes to read my special Astro Report. Doing this may have felt quite challenging over the past few weeks because you, or another, or both, may have been going through some intense trust issues. Knowing who you can share your resources with, and who you cannot, has been a major theme lately.

Aries weekly horoscopes

Memories from long ago may pop-up unexpectedly putting you in a very dreamy mood. Of course this takes a bit of self-confidence, more than you might usually have, but with Lucky Jupiter in your sign this IS the time to realize how truly lucky and blessed you are! Transit Reports! Solar Return Report! Monthly Horoscopes. He thinks horoscopes make it easy for us to find meaning in them. But once you do make a choice then stick to it and remind yourself of all of the reasons why you made that choice in the first place.

The tension will begin to ease up very soon. You know what you need and you are aware of what others need from you.

The groups you belong to, or work within, may have been having some difficulties working as a team. Keep in mind that you are the leader. If your attitude is off then theirs most certainly will be too. On the other hand if you come across as being cooperative then you have a much better chance of them cooperating with you.

The FULL MOON in Taurus on October 24th shines her bright light into the area of your life that has to do with your self-value, self-worth, your creative talents and how you earn your income. But what is most important is that YOU appreciate YOU then others will feel that and then more naturally give you the attention and appreciation when you least expect them to. You should also notice a very nice change going on within your love life during the last week of this month.

As you feel better so will your partner and the two of you can enjoy some splendid times indeed!

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Your main focus at the start of this month should be on your home and with your family members. You are so aware of what you feel is not. Read your weekly horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, our special spiritually enlightening weekly newsletter, find out more about your sun sign, and even get in.

For more information read my special AstroNews Report. The efforts that you are putting forth now, especially regarding your career and your personal relationships, will be rewarded. You always want to be the driver in every situation. Even in your home life you may feel that you are constantly working in a customer service type of role for the betterment of the lives of the people around you.

Gemini weekly horoscope 29 September to 5 October

Hang in there. Just do your best. Try to be patient and know that those you do things for, and those you care about within your heart, really do appreciate your efforts. Allow the humanitarian side of your personality to shine through! The more you help another…the more good fortune will flow to you!

Yes it takes a little bit of personal sacrifice and sometimes a lot which you are very aware of with Chiron in your sign. On Saturday, September 22nd, the Sun will move into the sign of Libra; accenting your most personal relationships over the next 4 weeks. You can celebrate your life and give yourself credit for everything good that you do! This is an evening when you should just feel good about being who you are!

Your focus continues to move onward and upward towards creating a future for yourself where you feel healthier, happier and even wealthier than you were before. To read the special Astro Report for the days ahead, just click this link. Being truthful with yourself is of the utmost importance. You have many desires and you want to see them fulfilled.

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